Overnight and Onboard services

Our Overnight service enables you to send shipments within Germany, Europe and around the world very efficiently - without renouncing the quality of service!

Nationally, to the big urban centres of Europe and to many parts of the word we promise to deliver for the next business day. On demand we are able to deliver before 12:00; 10:00; 9:00 or 8:00!

Our Overnight service is extremely flexible. There are a lot of additional services we can offer. It doesn´t matter if you need any value-added services, high value insurances, special time collections, identity checks or you have exceptional wishes - we will find a solution.

For extremely sensitive, important and time-critical shipments we do have our Onboard-Courier-Service. One of our experienced Onboard couriers (OBC) accompanies the consignment from consignor until final destination personally. Our OBC´s are keen on foreign languages and processing with official authorities and customs.

Do you have an urgend delivery? Then have a look at our Courier-Services.

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